It all starts with the look, color, pattern, and weight of fabric you're after.  Our descriptions and pictures endeavor to give you a feel for what we have in store.  Then, the fun comes with deciding the many custom options you can choose to fit that fabric.  Clicking on the "view" button next to the options will open a pop-up which will give you a visual display of our current options.  Not sure what to go for?  No problem.  Leave it to us by choosing the "let Stark decide" option. 




1.  Standard Sizing

  • Quickest tailoring turnaround option
  • Can follow a brand fit that already works well for you
  • Allows custom options with standard sizing 
  • Extra fabric in case alterations are needed 


2.  Sizing Suit 

  • An adjustable suit that is close to your size is mailed for free
  • No more hassle with following instructions for self-measuring
  • Pictures of you wearing our sizing suit give us accurate data.  I.e. posture, stance, etc.
  • Fill out and submit a Google form so we can start tailoring right away


    3.  Template (for returning clients)

    • Stark saves client sizing templates locally, starting from the first order
    • Adjustments to fit can be made easily
    • Duplicate fit is ensured through our tailoring process and sizing check procedures




    We take all the information on you we can gather and start the tailoring process.  Each order is given a great deal of attention by our tailors and staff.  The advantages of being a small operation are that we can work closely with our cutters and stitchers on each suit project and keep a close eye on quality standards.  The chances are great that the new suit you purchase this year will be touched by the same hands that crafted your older suit two years ago.  We believe our clients benefit from this sense of familiarity and consistency.  The basis of our standards are set out by the Professional Association of Custom Clothiers.  Here is a small excerpt from their Standards of Quality manual, page 4:

    1. Stitch length is appropriate to the fabric and to the expected stress at the stitched location. 2. The thread matches the apparel fabric. 3. No creases or pressing impressions are present on the face side of the garment. 4. No dimples or bubbles can be seen at the dart point...

    Further, with the intent of improving our product, we've constantly sought better, more durable materials for our stock.  The list includes higher quality interlining, sturdier buttons, high tension sewing thread, longer-lasting wool fabrics and more.




    We use UPS express and USPS where applicable.  With these two methods we can ship safely to virtually anywhere in the world- the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK and to hundreds of other countries.



    Why the move to a new platform?

    For a number of reasons, we had outgrown the old site.  Switching to the Spotify platform, we can provide better customer service and keep up-to-date with our products and clients.

    What about my profile on the old site?

    Absolutely no worries!  Your sizing is still with us as well as your order history.  For new orders, just select "Use my template on file" size option.  Please let us know if you want access to your history by reaching out to

    I can't login using my old login.  What do I do?

    No problem!  All you have to do is re-register using the same email address as before.  We'll recognize your email and full name and know to use your sizing and order history on file with us.  Rest assured, none of your information is lost!

    How safe is it to use my credit card and other personal info?

    A key benefit of being a Shopify store is the high level of security.  This includes a SSL certificate that uses industry standard 256-bit encryption technology. This is the same level of encryption used by large banks to keep your information secure.

    How long will it take to receive my order?

    From the time a purchase is made until door-step delivery is normally 3 to 4 weeks but can take longer at times if you decide to have a Sizing Suit shipped to you first.  There is also an express shipping option, which guarantees a 12 business day turnaround beginning from the day the transaction clears, but it not available for orders using the Sizing Suit.  

    What if I'm in a wedding party?

    We'll make the process easier by issuing you a wedding code that can used by members of your party when placing an order.  Normally, special design details that need to be applied across the board will be kept in our master drive.  

    Do you give discounts for wedding parties and group orders?

    Absolutely.  Please send us the details to and we'll let you know what we can do for you.

    What is your return policy?

    If you're not happy, neither are we.  If something doesn't fit, we promise to alter or remake until it does.  If you're still not happy after that, after a thorough review, we will issue a refund.  For standard size items that have not been customized, we'll gladly take them back within 30 days from the date of order delivery (as recorded by the shipping provider).

    What if my order comes incorrect or damaged?

    We will work with your right away to resolve the issue.  Drop us a line at

    Do you accept payments of cash, check, money orders, IOU's, Chipotle burritos...?

    We'd love to but at this time we only take credit cards and in some rare cases Paypal.

    Do you have a physical store?
    Nope! We're an online-only boutique.

    How can I buy a Stark Suits gift card?

    We're working on this one.  Let you know soon!

    Where can I show you my Stark Suits in action?

    We'd love to see them!  Share your photo with us on Instagram. Make sure you follow @starksuits and tag #starksuits.

    Why is Cary Grant running from a plane?

    Not sure exactly why... but we love this scene from the Hitchcock classic "North by Northwest". Cary Grant plays a suave ad executive who is normally able to smooth talk his way out of anything, evading kidnap and arrest. But in this scene where an ominous dust-cropping plane swoops down from the sky to murder him in the middle of nowhere, his charm and wit cannot be employed. Still wearing his well-tailored suit, his only option is to run.