About Us


Since 2012, Stark Suits has been serving clients throughout the United States with their suiting needs. Our client base that consisted of just a few loyal friends in the beginning has been steadily growing over the years primarily through personal recommendations and word of mouth publicity.  Our passion for tailoring as well as our interest in keeping abreast of men's fashion started the Stark Suits project and they continue to be the reasons we press on today.

Although headquartered in Virginia, USA, our tailoring takes place in Hanoi, Vietnam.  An exotic location in the world, the city famous for cultural heritage and savory food is loaded with talented stitchers and crafters.  Our focus has always been using this talent and combining quality, imported materials with strict QI/QA guidelines to create reliable, beautifully tailored products at attractive prices.  

Gaining more and more experience with every interaction, our process is continually being refined.  We are the first to admit that we are a work in progress.  As we make mistakes, we do our best to quickly improve.  We feel that striving for a better product and a higher level of customer service are never-ending pursuits.  This being built into our DNA, we are happy to hear from our clients and to learn from them.  


Attention to Detail


All of our suits are "3/4" canvased, requiring more time, labor, and quality materials.  A breast plate is sewn carefully onto the front panel from the neck down to the pockets to give the suit lasting form, structure, and durability. 

Shoulder Padding 

Made from pliable cotton, our pads are 0.3 cm thin so that we can retain as much as the natural slope of the shoulder as possible, lessening the chances for unwanted rolls and divots.